My Soul Plan Session was so Enlightening

My Soul Plan session with Jude was so enlightening. It was incredibly accurate and shed light on why I have experienced challenges. To know that they are a part of my soul’s journey and that I can work towards bringing them into the positive is hugely empowering. Jude had clearly spent a lot of time working through and understanding my plan. During our session she was open to hearing about my experiences, and was very positive about where I am on my path. The best way to describe the effect going through my soul plan has had is that it has flipped a switch in my thinking. Rather than getting bogged down and feeling stuck with challenges that arise I can take a step back and think about the lessons within them and how the Talents I have can aid me in moving through them. It has helped me to prioritise and safeguard what I need to do to keep myself in balance. After talking through my Soul Plan with friends and family they have been astonished by how accurately it describes my challenges, talents and what drives me as a person. Almost everyone I have spoken with wants their own Soul Plan session with Jude too. Thank you Jude for bringing this wonderful tool into my life.

Sally Jude's Soul Plan 16/07/2018

Win Win All Round

Jude took the group through warm up exercises, standing informally in the hall space like pretending to be a chicken. Slightly funny! Then onto specific laughter routines and interacting with fellow members, like using a hand as a mirror and showing that reflection to each other – greeting and speaking gibberish – by which time we were participating and getting fully involved. Absolute hysteria!

One member in particular became hysterical and could not stop laughing – a testament to Jude’s skill in providing opportunities for hearty, deep, spontaneous laughter. And the smiles – did you know you can’t really laugh without smiling, of a sort. So win win all round.

Women's Institute Jude's Laughter Yoga Sessions 14/06/2017

Stitches, Split Sides, Belly Ache…

Stitches, split sides, belly ache, doubled up, fit to burst – then you realise all these expressions have an equal link to – LAUGHTER!

And so Jude Robinson came to McG WI May’s meeting to help us laugh and at the same time improve our well being both mentally and physically.

First of all each member was given a sticker of a smiley face and that’s where it all fell apart, from the very beginning really. The first member stuck her smiley face to her jumper, the next on a blouse – by the last member they were stuck on cheeks, foreheads, noses, glasses. Trust McG members to find humour in displaying a sticker!

Womens Institute Jude's Laughter Yoga Sessions 14/06/2017

Beginning to understand how to follow a life path that was both beneficial to myself and others

I found Jude to be insightful and her service was very different from ‘traditional’ careers advice. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and gave advice and information tailored to my personal needs.

Through her honest feedback I was able to recognise how stretched I was and to simplify my life. Jude also helped me clarify how some of my past experiences were affecting my life now. I started to regularly meditate  and joined a weekly art class.  Because of these sessions I now have two jobs rather than three; and have kept on the health and care professional council register.  I am still in the process of finding my self and my career path and Jude`s sessions have helped me on this journey. I can highly recommend her.

Kyla Jude's Career & Life Coaching 12/05/2017

Energising and empowering.

Thank you so much for yesterday’s incredibly timely session. I have felt a sense of connectedness with who I am in a deeper way than before and a clearer sense of identity, in a non-egotisical way, which is very energising and empowering.

Alison Jude's Soul Plan 12/05/2017

Transformative. I’ve come way with new and more compassionate ways of understanding myself

I got in touch with Jude because I struggle with the onset of winter: as it turns darker, so do my thoughts.  I knew from Jude’s publicity materials that this struggle would not be either pathologised or dismissed. The work we did together was transformative.  There were tears and laughter and, in the more challenging moments I was held in safety and acceptance. I’ve come way with new and more compassionate ways of understanding myself, the people around me and the contexts we inhabit.

Clare Jude's Soul Plan and Career and Life Coaching 12/05/2017

As well as new career, a newfound sense of happiness!

I booked some life coaching sessions with Jude Robinson as I felt I was floundering and didn’t know how to progress my work-life.  I knew I needed someone to help motivate me, but I also wanted someone who would be sympathetic and accepting. Jude was just such a person: a sensitive, perceptive listener, and irrepressibly positive about what I have to offer the world.  Our discussions were wide-ranging, and after each session Jude emailed me with a written checklist of actions that we had agreed upon.  After just a couple of months I applied for two jobs that I wanted, and was offered both of them.  I came away not only with a new career direction, but also a newfound sense of happiness about my life generally

Chris Jude's Career and Life Coaching 12/05/2017