The word healing stems from word ‘haelen’ (to make whole) and this description feels right because it reflects my personal experience. Energy healing re-connected me with every aspect of myself – at a mind, body and soul level. I am a qualified Reiki practitioner and Spiritual Healer yet have a sense that all of these tools are rooted in love. As well as offering individual energy balancing sessions I work with the Leeds based OMNES healing (now offering courses in York too – see I have a heart felt desire to spread the teaching of energy healing because I think that the techniques of energy re-balancing could change the world!

A 45 minute healing session costs £30.00

MEDITATION/MINDFULNESS? Well there is a saying that we teach what we need to learn and this is SO true for me. I trained as a meditation/mindfulness teacher a few years ago now but it is only within the last two years through delivering a regular Meditation class at the local hospice that I have maintained and benefited fully from my practice. I am now keen to share my experience and knowledge with others through one to one appointments and group sessions. See current news for information.