Hi I’m Jude….okay, born Judith, but known widely as Jude!  It has taken me a long time to pull together a website…one of the reasons is that my story is ongoing…it shifts and changes like me (most possibly like you?).

I worked, for much of my career, in education; youth work, career counsellor, teacher, mentor, tutor, project manager and leader.  I have, over the years, offered guidance and support to hundreds (possibly thousands – I daren’t count)!  I have worked with people of all ages and from all walks of life.  I have loved my work, met the most amazing people and for most of my life was very, very career focused. THEN life changed…

My sister in law was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I found the foundation of my life shaking (it had been shaken 20 years earlier when my dad had died suddenly) it happened again and it was seismic.  Barbara (I called her ‘B’) was very much a left brain thinker.  A mother of 2 young children she was a successful accountant and not remotely ‘spiritual’ or ‘airy fairy’ (a slightly scornful East Yorkshire term for those who believe our feet should be firmly rooted to the earth).  So when ‘B’ took up the offer of an Angelic Reiki session delivered by a nurse at York District Hospital there was no-one more surprised than her that she  experienced sensations of ‘peace, light and beautiful colours’ during the sessions and a sense of wellbeing afterwards.

Having no deeply spiritual inclination myself at that point in life I was intrigued…maybe this might work?  Maybe I could train as a Reiki practitioner and support B – maybe even save her?  Little did I know…

…to cut a very long story short, I embarked on the proverbial spiritual journey.  I, who thought I knew everything, suddenly discovered I knew nothing. My Reiki initiation (with Di Wilson) was a life changing event.  With my eyes closed Di drew the Reiki symbols above my head and my world changed colour; everything became golden and, in my mind’s eye, a huge cross of golden light stood before me.  I felt suffused by the deepest sense of love and light that I had ever experienced.  ‘But I don’t believe in Jesus’ was my first reaction (at that time I instantly connected the symbol of the cross with religion – a concept I had cast aside many, many years before).

And that was that…. I immersed myself in learning…..I became a seeker…I read books and books…I was searching for meaning.  My Reiki experience had shifted my whole perception on life and I kept on learning.  I met incredible teachers in incredible, synchronistic ways (Liz Weir, Simon Parke, Di Wilson, Joe Hoare) and connected with so many new people.  I was on a roll; within a year I trained in Angelic Reiki, Spiritual Healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), hypnotherapy, mindfulness, meditation and laughter.  Oh yes I was definitely searching and I think I can say that ‘B’ and I travelled together for some of the time before she, sadly, died; in fact the last photograph she ever had taken was in a feature on laughter Yoga in The York Evening Press – she can still be found in the archives (and on my Facebook page) lying on her back laughing and kicking her legs in the air – she would have loved to be remembered like this.  ‘B’s spirit is always with me during my sessions.  Strangely, after she died, I lost the desire to laugh in public without her encouragement and presence– but because of the article in the Evening Press people kept on contacting me and asking me to laugh with them – they still do, 5 years later  J

The last 10 years have been a roller coaster in one way or another but such is life don’t you think?   I consider myself amazingly fortunate to be doing what I love and creating something new in the latter stages of my career (juggling with care now of now elderly/disabled relatives (which is another story).

I work from York Natural Health in Acomb and from home, near Escrick.  I offer holistic guidance combining my 25 years experience with my holistic training and more recently gained Soul Plan and Soul Transformation therapy practice.  I deliver Reiki, meditation and laughter at the local Hospice and I am also currently training to be a Tutor with OMNES healing in Leeds because training to be a healer changed my life and I want to share this opportunity with as many people as possible.

I feel such gratitude that I was born a ‘baby boomer’ and have experienced freedom in a way that no other generation of my family could possibly have imagined.  I have enjoyed a university education, travelled solo, combined a rewarding career with bringing up two amazing sons; I had the freedom to get divorced and to experience the joy of step daughters and the freedom to experience the richness of spirituality not attached to religion in fact the freedom to BE exactly who I want to be…to do what I want to do (within the confines of the challenges that life throws us of course).

I now bring together years of personal experience utilising my talents, gifts and skills…I don’t profess to have the answers because we each plough our own furrow (another East Yorkshire saying) but I am keen to hear your story and to help you find direction/healing on your adventure.

Love and laughter

Jude X